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Calibration Lab in Chittagong

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Accrediation legitimate upto Calibration Lab in Chittagong

About STANDARD CALIBRATION SERVICE BANGLADESH Labtest Bangladesh Ltd., Chittagong Calibration Lab in Chittagong.

STANDARD CALIBRATION SERVICE BANGLADESH lab test restricted is established in Chittagong, Bangladesh with STANDARD CALIBRATION SERVICE BANGLADESH backup task focus in Dhaka. The association primarily manages retail showcasing with test offices empowered with advances to investigate mechanical and concoction parts of calfskin, plastic and texture. Synthetic tests perform evaluation of colourfastness, pH, combustibility, oil repellence, absorbance, dying impacts and substance of natural chain mixes. Mechanical tests evaluate characteristics, for example, malleable, tear and blasting quality, attachment, crease properties, pilling and scraped area opposition of textures. Additionally performs tests on zippers, catches and pockets. Being a foundation from a neighboring country STANDARD CALIBRATION SERVICE BANGLADESH exchange association with customers in our nation is critical and furthermore is a prominent subjective specialist organization. Calibration Lab in Chittagong.