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Calibration Marketing Executive Officer Job

Calibration Marketing Executive Officer Advertising administrators create and administer showcasing efforts to advance items and administrations. The job of an advertising official can incorporate innovative, logical, advanced, business and managerial duties. The subtleties of the job will shift contingent upon the sort and size of business, just as the business. Administrators are probably going to work intimately with different representatives in regions, for example, promoting, statistical surveying, creation, deals and appropriation.  Apply

Standard Calibration Service Private Limited



Job Responsibilities
  • Job Responsibilities
  • • Corporate sales and marketing.
  • • Tale-marketing, customer relation develops, site visit with clients.
  • • Field Marketing.
  • • Job responsibilities
  • • Development new clients and maintain good relationship with existing clients.
  • • Have to communicate with customers face to face.
  • • Good communication and negotiation skill.
  • • Market visit, client hunt, creating market opportunity.
  • • Offer the products features and find out the customer’s requirements.
  • • Describe a product’s features and benefits in a way understandable to the customer.
  • • Answer customer queries regarding the reputation of the store and the affordable price & quality of the products.
  • • Making Offer, submit proposal and follow-up.
Employment Status


Educational Requirements
  • Bachelor degree in any discipline
Experience Requirements
  • 1 to 5 year(s)
Additional Requirements
  • Age 21 to 45 years
  • Both males and females are allowed to apply.
Job Location

Anywhere in Bangladesh

  • Negotiable
  • Tk. 12000 – 90900 (Monthly) Commission Based
Compensation & other benefits
  • T/A, Mobile bill, Pension policy, Tour allowance, Performance bonus, Profit share, Provident fund
  • Festival Bonus: 2 (Yearly)
Job Source
Calibration Marketing Executive Officer Job

Calibration Marketing Executive Officer Job Online Job Posting. Calibration Marketing Executive Officer Job

Megger Insulation Tester Calibration Dhaka chattagram

Megger Insulation Tester Calibration Dhaka chattagram Have you ever wonder why the links on your apparatuses are protected to hold while connecting it to the electrical source? Or on the other hand the electrical lines going into your home does not stun you each time you contact a metal post or each time it is wet? Megger Insulation Tester Calibration Dhaka chattagram This is on the grounds that the conductors are legitimately protected. Be that as it may, any hole or lack in these electrical wires can make stun or harm machines. Megger Insulation Tester Calibration Dhaka chattagram That is the reason each unit or apparatuses supply wires, building electrical associating wires or electric engine links should be tried first for legitimate protection before they are discharged for open use. This is the place a protection analyzer is being utilized. Protection analyzers are utilized to check and distinguish if there is a hole of flow in a channel or other electrical parts. What’s more, the most generally utilized Insulation analyzer is the Megger Tester (a brand and an organization name). For a great many people, when you state Megger, it is naturally a protection analyzer. In any case, we ought to likewise realize that Fluke has its own Insulator Tester which is the Fluke 1507 protection analyzer. In this article, I will share how to check and confirm the precision of your megger analyzer in estimating an opposition esteem that you may execute before utilizing your Megger. Additionally, it incorporates the check of the yield voltage to guarantee that you have a solid perusing. Moreover, I will likewise exhibit an adjustment technique that you can actualize for your in-house alignment just in the event that you have the vital reference guidelines which I will show here. In this post, I will utilize the Megger BM11D. What is an Insulation Tester? A multimeter can be utilized as protection analyzer yet in a constrained manner, for the most part a coherence test and distinguishing the nearness of a current or voltage just in typical conditions. In the event that there is no progression of current in a protected wire when tried, it implies that the wire is sheltered to hold. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario where there is a break in the protection and a high voltage or current will go through it. Definitely, the wire will get scorched or make a short out that can cause harm and flame. This can’t be recognized by an ordinary multimeter. There is a dangerous situation. So as to recognize and test for a spillage current amid an ordinary or over-burden condition, we will utilize an uncommon instrument known as the Insulation Tester. Elements of an Insulation analyzer: Principles of Operation The fundamental capacity is to test the protection of a lot of leading wires by estimating the opposition. The higher the obstruction perusing, the better. Generally in Mega Ohms perusing. A lower estimation of obstruction implies that there is a short or spillage of current making the opposition drop. Utilized as a voltage source to test for the respectability of the conductor. A protection analyzer has the ability to source out or produces a high measure of voltage. This voltage is infused into directing wires to test if the protection can withstand the high voltage. A protected conductor can have an ordinary perusing in a low voltage esteem however amid introduction to a high voltage, the protection can break and spillage may happen. Capacity as a progression analyzer. Testing for congruity on an extremely long link of wire can’t be ensured by a basic multimeter. As a result of the high voltage created by the protection analyzer, you can gauge a lot of obstruction. High obstruction (interminability) perusing implies open while a zero or low opposition implies shorted. In any case, no compelling reason to record in light of the fact that most Insulation analyzer has a capable of being heard alert for short or open status. The most effective method to utilize and check the exactness of a Megger analyzer Since we definitely know the working standards of a protection analyzer, I will tell you the best way to confirm the exactness of your Megger Insulation Tester by utilizing a resistor and a multimeter. Obstruction Function check Obstruction Verification 1. Check first the real opposition of the resistor by utilizing an exactness multimeter 2. At that point interface with Megger to see and think about its perusing. Just legitimately measure a resistor with a known esteem. If you don’t mind see the figure underneath. On the off chance that you need to record an exceptionally precise outcome, measure first the resistor utilizing the multimeter so as to get its real esteem. Set the expected voltage to be produced in the resistor ( 500 V) Associate the resistor to its test. At that point Press TEST catch. Voltage Function Verification Evacuate the resistor and exchange the tests on the port of the multimeter Set the multimeter on the required range ( Vdc) Set the Megger on the ideal voltage run. Push the TEST catch of the Megger to produce the voltage. Readings ought to be inside the determinations given by the producer. Megger protection Tester alignment technique Megger Insulation Tester is estimating opposition by creating a voltage. Utilizing Ohms Law (V=IR), we can process the estimation of the obstruction. Along these lines, we can’t utilize an immediate reproduction of flag like for instance from a procedure calibrator. The procedure calibrator is additionally creating a voltage that affects the deliberate esteem. In this methodology, we will utilize the Resistance Box to give a simple protection from the Megger. A Decade obstruction box is a lot of resistors orchestrated in such an approach to give a joined opposition perusing in 10 years interim stuffed inside a crate. (Megger has its very own which is known as a megger adjustment box) Another reference standard is the Fluke multimeter, we need a high range and goals multimeter fit for perusing the whole scope of your Megger. On the off chance that you can’t achieve the whole range, you can even now adjust however with a constrained range that is endorsed by the client. Adjustment Method: This is practiced by contrasting the obstruction yield of the decade box to the showcase of the Megger. And furthermore the voltage show in the Megger to the voltage perusing of the multimeter. This system can be utilized on all Insulation Tester that acknowledges a simple obstruction. Necessities: Warm-up time (UUC): At least 1 hour for appropriate adjustment Decade Resistance Box and interfacing leads Decade Resistance Box and associating wires Temperature: 23 +/ – 5 deg C Moistness: 50 +/ – 30% Estimation Data Sheet (MDS) or a Megger Test Report (check this connect to study Measurement Data Sheet) Reference standard to utilize: Decade Resistance Box ( Calibration Box) Accident Precision Multimeter 8846A Thermohygrometer ( to screen Temperature and Humidity) Associating wires Alignment strategy: High voltage is produced in this strategy, dependably watch security. Check the Megger Tester for any visual deformities that can influence its exactness. End alignment if any imperfection is noted. Clean the Megger Tester with delicate fabric Check in the event that it has great batteries, supplant low fueled batteries. Power on the unit and permit adjustment of 60 minutes, to be molded on the ecological states of the room. Set up the estimation information sheet (MDS) and record every single vital detail or data (Brand, Model, sequential #, and so forth). Decide the test focuses to be adjusted on the Megger Tester, pick something like 5 test point covering the entire range or according to client go. Record this on the MDS. Utilizing Fluke Precision Multimeter, interface the important test prompts measure DC Voltage Megger Voltage Verification Setup Megger Voltage Verification Setup DC Voltage Verification: Associate positive terminal of the Megger to the positive Input HI of the Fluke multimeter and the negative terminal to the LO Return side. Set the Megger (Unit Under Calibration) to DC Voltage mode. Select the scope of voltage to be produced. Press the TEST catch to produce every one of the required voltage setpoint values. Observe the deliberate an incentive on the multimeter. Trust that the showcase will settle at that point get the perusing. Record readings on the MDS or Megger Test report. Take no less than 3 preliminaries for each set point Rehash number 2 to 6 until all reaches are secured. Obstruction Verification: Expel the association tests of the Megger that is associated on the multimeter. Presently interface the tests to the terminal of the Decade opposition box ( same associations as with the multimeter). Set the obstruction estimation of the decade opposition box to the ideal incentive by turning the handles. (a model is 100 Mohm) Press the TEST catch, the Megger will infuse a voltage to the resistor and create the required opposition esteem. Sit tight for the presentation on the Megger to balance out at that point get the perusing. Record readings on the MDS. On the off chance that the readings are now inside points of confinement, update the comparing record, do naming and fixing and issue to the proprietor, generally, do essential fix or modification. 8, End of method In light of producers Specifications, underneath are the resistance furthest reaches that can be utilized. Voltage perusing ±5% of ostensible test voltages (load obstruction >100 Mω) Opposition Reading ±5% 1 Mω to 100 Gω at 5 kV ±5% 1 Mω to 10 Gω at 500 V ±20% outside these cutoff points (over 100 kω) Model: Voltage yield is 500 Vdc, reasonable cutoff points is (0.05×500 = 25 V) In this manner, the resistance esteem is from +/ – 25 of 500 or (475 to 525) Vdc Need to figure out how to decipher an alignment endorsement legitimately? Visit my other post, click here. End

Megger Insulation Tester Calibration Dhaka chattagram

Megger Insulation Tester Calibration Dhaka chattagram

Understanding Resistance estimations have such a significant number of ways and Megger Insulation Tester is one of the instruments that may confound you or interest you on the off chance that you are new in electrical estimation. So as to be clear in this issue, I have given a straightforward clarification on the guideline of its estimation. We have realized that it is utilizing a simple flag so as to produce the required obstruction. Megger Insulation Tester Calibration Dhaka chattagram When you have comprehended this standard, it is currently easy to align or check a protection analyzer. I have introduced in this post on the most proficient method to check before use and adjust a Megger Insulation Tester by utilizing a